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Strength and plenty of art, that’s what promises the Tropix Media & Entertainment’s new production along with artist and philanthropist CuCu Diamantes, the video of Pecados de Picasso, the song that gives its title to her latest album.

The production is part of the company’s Hecho en Casa (Made in Home) initiative that aims to make music videos during the quarantine in Cuba.

“It was like doing more with less, and without the collaboration of all those that contributed their grain of sand, it would not have been possible to make this video”, the singer said.

The video featured women who are close to the Cuban singer, among them the athlete Ana Fidelia Quirot, the dancer Carla Rolle, the designer Layla Chaaban, the photographer Evelyn Sosa and the journalists Mariana Brugueras and Viviana Diaz.

It was also supported by photographer Alberto Morales, chef Alejandro Rodríguez and visual artists Alberto Rambaudi, Alejandro Piñeiro, José Capaz, and Liz Capote, the latter as an art director assistant.

“It was beautiful teamwork, where everyone helps each other in the makeup, in the hairstyle, in curing and managing as fast and precise as possible each scene. Many men that I admire also participated, supporting us,” remembers CuCu.

The artist also commented on what this audiovisual seeks to show:

 “The video is a Mad House of women with parallel stories who enjoy the creative process. Scenes from real life, how we celebrate and enjoy it, with various art performances, sharing our sadness and joy, making us great in the face of adversity that we have lived. A video with all the women I admire for their virtues and flaws. They are all special and unique. I missed many women to include, but then it would not be a video clip, it would be an infinite series.”

For Cucu, Pecados de Picasso was also a sorority exercise, the idea of women supporting women.

For centuries women have been the witches, the sinners, the subdued, the punished, the abused, but matriarchy is more than that, it is the creation, the sisterhood, the complicity among us, contributing the best of each one for the common welfare and a better world.”

A collaborative and artistic video that promises to be, more than a “homemade” product, a work from the heart.

It is a video clip about what moves us in life: love and art.”