Can any country film in Cuba? 

Yes, it is possible for every country to film in Cuba, including American film productions. Every traveler can come either as a Tourist (using a Tourist visa), or for work (using a Business Visa). In order to execute a shoot in Cuba, your production team will need to secure Business Visas (TropixMedia will help you acquire these for your team if you decide to work with us).

Will we need a Work Visa to film in Cuba?

Yes, your team will need to secure a Work Visa to do any official work in Cuba. A Tourist visa will not be sufficient if you intend to film a commercial project in Cuba.

What exactly do I need to present in order to film or shoot in Cuba?

In order to clear a project in Cuba, TropixMedia will need a brief summary of the project, including synopsis, treatment, and locations that the client is requesting. TropixMedia can help you shape the proposal if you need. We also ask that you assemble the full names of your team — Director, Producer, Talent, etc — that will be traveling to Cuba, as well as each members passport. Once all this information is assembled, and proofread with notes by TropixMedia, our company will officially present to the State for government approval. This final presentation must be submitted no less than 4 weeks prior to the job date.

How much advance notice will I need to create a project in Cuba? 

Securing permission to film in Cuba is a complex procedure which TropixMedia will fully oversee in tandem with your producers. The only thing we ask is that you provide us a minimum of 4 weeks to process this application for project approval. To assure better odds, we suggest 2 months prior notice for ample timing. If you have only 4 weeks advance notice, please reach out to us anyways, since we are passionate about making your project a reality in Cuba, and will seek to gain clearance as soon as possible. 

Will we be able to hire local crew for some roles in our production, and do they have the proper experience?

Yes. Cuba has a thriving Cinema culture as evidenced by the prestigious ICAIC (The Cuban Film Institute) as well as other cultural institutions such as ISA (Institute of Superior Art) and EICTV (San Antonio de los Baños, conceived by Gabriela Garcia Marquez). In short, our community is full of passionate filmmakers eager to assist a foreign production. We can recommend local staff at various levels of experience and day fees tailored to your needs.

Can I get my film equipment into the country?

Yes, with advance notice, and following all of our deadlines, you will be able to enter your equipment into Cuba with a few simple steps. After your first application process is green-lighted, we will ask that you write down each piece of equipment, otherwise known as a “Packing list”. The list includes equipment type, model, weight, and pricing value. TropixMedia will advise which equipment should be rented locally to keep costs down. We will secure permission of the equipment before the clients arrival. One of our staff members will receive your producers at the airport, and assure smooth passage with all your equipment. 

I hear Cuba is all about Cash. Regarding payment for this production, will I need to bring all the money in cash to Cuba?

No, you will not need to pay this entire job in cash. Although Cuba is a very challenged country in terms of bank transfers and credit card usage, TropixMedia can make it easier by receiving job payment to our Spain bank. Remember that we are a registered company in Spain. With advance notice, we can also arrange to cover specific charges such as hotel and transportation, in order to reduce the amount of cash you will need to carry to Cuba. You will still need to bring some cash to cover basic expenses such as food, and incidentals. Our team can also provide automatic money exchanges as your team arrives, without the hassle of going to a bank.