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Celeste Mendoza at Hotel Nacional

Celeste Mendoza is a Cuban legend. Considered the Queen of Guaguancos, her voice dominated street rumba music, in a genre that is considered mens territory. Here is a rare 1950’s clip of a performance she held in the ballroom of the Hotel Nacional. She begins with a survival song post heartbreak. In a somewhat Cuban version of “I Will Survive”, Celeste sings “I Will Continue” with all the confidence and strength of an independent woman taking her power back. The second song is a pure Guaguancó about a woman of the streets, while the third and final track is about letting loose for the wildest party in town — a Fiesta Brava. “Everyone knows how it starts, but not how it ends”

Track List:

1. Seguiré sin Soñar

2. Zoraida y Juan José (guaguancó)

3. Fiesta Brava

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Curators: Vionicel Peña Darias, Inelcy Denis, Jauretsi Saizarbitoria Graphics: Amaya Sara García Vera Editor: Humberto Molina Gonzalez Special Thanks: Mario Baeza, Alejandro Chang, Rosa, Rosa Carla Preciado de la Vega, David Friedman, Luis Marron, Diana Maria González